MowRo Robot Lawn Mower with Install Kit, 9.5" Cutting Width-Fully Autonomous (1/4 Acre)

Angled side view of Lawn mower with wifi
Top view of Lawn mower with wifi
Side view of Lawn mower with wifi
Back view of Lawn mower with wifi
Lawn mower with wifi
Angled side view of Lawn mower without wifi

MowRo Robot Lawn Mower with Install Kit, 9.5" Cutting Width-Fully Autonomous (1/4 Acre)

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No time and energy to stay under the sun and mow your lawn? No problem! Save effort and time while keeping your lawn well-trimmed with MowRo.

  • Can cover 0.25-acre of lawn
  • Capable of moving up a 30 degrees incline.
  • MowRo cuts 9.5" wide swath at each pass
  • Cutting height range of 1 to 2.5”
  • (3) razor-sharp cutting blades spin at a rate of 2900 RPMs

Refurbished units may have minor grass stains, cosmetic defects, or box damage. They have been individually tested, certified, restored, and programmed. Any part of the installation kit may or may not also be refurbished including the docking station, boundary wire, and boundary stakes. It has the same features and performance mentioned above.

The RM24-SMRT boasts the ability to be operated through the mobile application ROBOT 2 MOW, which can be downloaded fromΒ Apple App StoreΒ (Iphone Only). With this convenient app, you can pair just about any phone to your robot mower for wireless operation.

MowRo includes a kit upon purchase, consisting of a 4.0A lithium-ion battery, a docking station with dock stakes, a power adapter, boundary wire with boundary stakes, wire splicers, and replacement blades with extra screws."


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- No gas or oil

- No Emissions

- Reduced Water Usage

- Reduced Waste

- Reduced Fertilizer

- Reduced Noise



Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Corey Moore
Not happy

I could never get it to connect to my Internet

Did not ship with cutting blades, factory code was not set, also troubleshooting issues but once ...

Just to get the bad or inconvenient or bothersome stuff out of the way. I purchased a refurbished non wifi mower and expected it to be in better shape, though this was stated in the description, I thought would be cleaner and some of the plastics are faded and the display cover is cracked as well.
Turned out that whoever shipped the mower forgot to reset the code to factor settings, and they shipped the mower without cutting blades so it was impossible to test it or even cut grass out of the box. Of course I already went to the trouble of laying out the wire before I found this out, so big let down. I did run into some very frustrating starts, the mower would not find the wire and would throw a lot of error codes. After awhile I read on reddit to try to unplug and plug back in the perimeter wires and that seemed to fix it; again just really bothersome because it was hours of attempts at this point.

Now with all the bad out of the way, the mower is working and functioning perfect! It looks beat up and well used but the battery lasts more than enough to mow the whole back yard without multiple recharges in between. I am very happy with the performance and quality of cut so far. I can't speak to longevity or durability just yet but it's comforting to know that all part to the mower are available for order through this website.

Dumb Robot.

I bought this last year. Last year it was not noisy, but this year it sounds like a jet engine! There is no way to command it to turn so many degrees. For that reason, it may go for several hours and not mow certain places. They should provide software updates. For example they could upgrade the software to have a turn x degree command.

John Kennedy
The Good Life

My children got me the RM-24 three years ago when my right hip was bothering me so much that it would take me over an hour to cut my yard that I use to cut in half an hour. I love the way it knows when to recharge and goes to its docking station. It cuts my lawn every other day. Occasionally, there is a problem but it is easily corrected and away you go.
My hip was replaced and I could cut the grass with my old gas lawn mower but why? "I'm Living the Good Life"
This was by far the best gift that I have received and I thank my children for it every year.

Randy owner
There are probably better options.

I call my unit Randy, because... it acts so randomly.
The installation and all that were fine. But the daily usage is quite painful. It gets constantly stuck even in an area where there is pretty much nothing stopping it, even wettish grass in a shade can be a show stopper. So this is my morning routine now, I find the thing somewhere in my garden and take it back to the dock. Sometimes the thing gets somewhat stuck in some corner areas, then it somehow manages to free itself BUT it stops mowing, it just rides for 4-5 meters without doing anything but wasting battery, WHY, this is so dumb. Another thing, it always does the perimeter first, guess what's the result of that... yep, I have mower tracks in my lawn, so what I now do, is I start it manually, let it drive to the boundary wire, pick it up and take it close to the dock so it would just drive about 2 meters, tricking the thing thinking it did the full circle... which is extremely stupid. Also while I call the thing randy, it actually has patterns, meaning, it doesn't cut all of my lawn, it has its "paths" and if I don't again manually lift it up and point it to some other direction, then I would end up with patches of long grass. It has a port for software updates, but I've yet not been able to find a single source for the software download. On the upside, the thing was cheap, so I guess, I get what I paid for.



The best bang for your buck if you are unsure of robotic mowers.

Dallas, TX

I love my MowRo! It's fun to watch and quiet too.

Los Angeles, CA

The mower of the future has arrived!

Springville, UT

I love not having to cut the grass because of so many obstacles, and it's nice to see the grass always neatly cut.

Portland, OR
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