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I have regrets

I got this mower after using and loving my Redback chainsaw for several years. I expected the same sort of gusto from this mower that I got from the saw. Honestly, nothing can be further from the truth. The self-propel component is sluggish as best, and the mower cuts out if the grass is remotely dense. I think this mower is good for a kid learning to cut or someone with a mobility issue that can't move real fast. If you are trying to knockout your lawn on a Saturday and don't want to be late to the T-ball game, this is NOT the mower for your. I'll stick with the Redback chainsaws, but the mower I wish I could return.

Best battery saw on the market!

This is my 2nd one of these saws. They cut very well. This is the best battery saw you are going to find on the market. I have cut large gums, walnut and numerous large pines. It handles the job without a problem. The battery holds up better than any other you will find.

40V Cordless 6" Earth Auger Kit, Brushless Motor- Flex Series

Great Blower, High Powered

I've had my Redback blower 4 years and it still works great, more power than most with 120 volts.

Swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower & Vacuum - Swift Series

Could not use

I had to get the red back flex battery and charger. That’s what I ended up buying from you. could not return the swift battery and charger because FedEx says they wouldn’t take it back because there’s a lithium battery. They have a special code and they have to have it in a box. It can’t be in a cellophane or any type of package it was delivered that way in a FedEx package but to send it back you have to have special code for the battery type and it has been a special holder to see the box has been in a box, the charger has a box but the battery does not so I lost all my money on that

Not right battery charger

Can’t return it trying but not sure

Not happy

I could never get it to connect to my Internet

bad batteries

product is OK but batteries are bad, won't even last 6 months and very expensive to replaced. I had to give my equipment away is cheaper to buy at Homedepot than replace these batteries

Good proudicta

I have the smaller cordless lower and three batteries which helps me to mow my holly backyard with less effort than a heavy combustion engine one. The machine is well built and the. Batteries power last as expected - 15 minutes for thicker grass/leaves and 20 min for weekly summer mowings.

Replacement head

Looks to be a direct replacement but I really wanted to put a modern, quick load head on, but the engineered design does not allow for improvement, so your stuck with sitting and painstakingly loading string with needle nose pliers and diagonal wire cutters.
How depressing!!

It’ a little on the heavy side, but has plenty of power.It’s also nice not dealing with the 2 stroke engine. No more gas and oil mixture.

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Very good product, but pricey

I own several Redback products and I am pleased with the performance. However, the batteries don't last as long as I'd like and replacements are VERY pricey (Hence only 4 stars). It would be cool if Redback offered a recyclying program where you could get replacement batteries cheaper if you turned in your old ones. Could be a win-win!

Chain is not very sharp and uses a lot of oil

Fits like a glove and work fine

This thing is amazing, have to order the big one

Love this Machine have to get the bigger one was skeptical about it at first but its definitely the real deal


What is cell number? What is max charge current? What is max discharge current? What is...

Exact fit

Glad I could find parts
Otherwise I would have to toss redback weed Wacker.
Love not having to crank and crank. Just pull the trigger and go.

Fast shipping. Great service!

Battery does not charge

I’m still waiting for directions for the return of the product.

Swift vacuum blower

Does not have the vacuum power I was expecting

Did not ship with cutting blades, factory code was not set, also troubleshooting issues but once ...

Just to get the bad or inconvenient or bothersome stuff out of the way. I purchased a refurbished non wifi mower and expected it to be in better shape, though this was stated in the description, I thought would be cleaner and some of the plastics are faded and the display cover is cracked as well.
Turned out that whoever shipped the mower forgot to reset the code to factor settings, and they shipped the mower without cutting blades so it was impossible to test it or even cut grass out of the box. Of course I already went to the trouble of laying out the wire before I found this out, so big let down. I did run into some very frustrating starts, the mower would not find the wire and would throw a lot of error codes. After awhile I read on reddit to try to unplug and plug back in the perimeter wires and that seemed to fix it; again just really bothersome because it was hours of attempts at this point.

Now with all the bad out of the way, the mower is working and functioning perfect! It looks beat up and well used but the battery lasts more than enough to mow the whole back yard without multiple recharges in between. I am very happy with the performance and quality of cut so far. I can't speak to longevity or durability just yet but it's comforting to know that all part to the mower are available for order through this website.

I received a defective battery.

They are in the process of replacing it. Not completed yet.

Worst Battery Ever

I got this Mower . it worked fine for couple of Mowing. After that battery shows fully charged, but after 10 mins, the mower stops. it really sucks. waste of money