120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series

120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series

120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series

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  • How much grass can the grass catcher store?

    This lawnmower has a grass catcher with a capacity of 15.85 gallons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Brenda Montgomery

Love the lawn mower, but can’t find a battery. Any idea where I can get one?


The Good: this lawn mower is a great value for the money. Solid and well but. I’m not sure how redback does it.The bad: The battery only lasts about 35 minutes. I could only cut about half my lawn; however, that’s not the bad (when mowing with a battery it’s kind of given the battery won’t last as promised). The bad is that when I went online to price out a spare battery, the battery costs as much as the lawn mower. (If you don’t believe me, do a google search). When you get a battery with the machine, it makes me wonder what the mark up is on the batteries when you buy separatelyBottom line: if you have a yard small enough where you can get by with one battery (single charge). This is the mower for you... if not, I would suggest looking for a different mover.

Gracie Malan

Amazing product no words to describe due to I would not believe what I got for the price and a great seller.


I have had my Redback 120V lawn mower for oneyear, although I didn't buy it via Amazon.For my purposes it is in my opinion thebest mower in the world simply because it is asfar as I know the only battery-powered push-behindmower that can rival the power of gasoline-poweredmowers. I have retired my gas-powered 6.5 HPmower because the Redback handles all the grassand brush that the old mower did. No morehandling gasoline, cleaning an air filter,changing a spark plug, changing motor oil,obnoxiously loud noise, straining to start themower. The Redback is lighter and thereforeeasier to maneuver. The deck can be raised orlowered with a single lever. However, the Redbackis not without its shortcomings. The sidedischarge chute clogged up instantly in anythingbut the lightest grass. It wasn't hard to removethe chute and substitute my own made out of piecesof a plastic storage tub and a strip of wood. The3AH battery must be handled with some finesse, asfollows. It is essential to never completelydischarge the battery. The state of charge isshown by four LED lights. As soon as the batteryis depleted to the one-light level, no furtherpower should be drained from it; otherwise thebattery may become unchargeable/useless and mustbe replaced. The instructions I had did notcaution at all about this, butRedback/Frictionless World has been very goodabout their warranty support. Monitoring chargelevel is awkward because the battery LEDs don'tlight up until the mower is stopped, so it isnecessary to stop the mower at least every 10minutes as the one-LED charge state is approached.The mower runs about 30 minutes starting with afull charge until the one-LED state is reached. Agreat feature is the two-stage motor operation.If heavy grass is encountered, the motor switchesinto a second stage providing enough power tohandle the load, then switches back after grass isthinner. But fairly regularly after second stageis entered, the mower stops with the batterymaking a beeping noise. Sometimes the mower canbe restarted by simply turning it on again. Othertimes, the battery must be pulled off its contactsand reseated, which allows a restart. But one wayor another the mower always continues. Anotherimportant tip: the 3AH battery is apparentlyslightly loose inside its compartment causing themower to stop occasionally. I found that thisproblem could be permanently remedied by insertingtwo thicknesses of bicycle inner tube stripsbetween the battery and the right side of thebattery compartment (can be taped into place).Along with the Redback 120V chainsaw which I alsoown and uses a battery compatible/interchangeablewith the mower battery, the Redback 120V lawnmower is in a class by itself; at least when Ibought mine no competitor had its power. Ifanything were to happen to mine I would buyanother in a heartbeat.


Good lawn mower, very light, easy to use it 3 years warranty. Like it a lot but after 5 times use battery stopped charging.I edited my review and 5 stars rating due to redback customer service quick response. They shipped the battery right after my call and warranty claim. Thank you redback!

Spend less time and energy in your yard, and let your mower do the hard job!


Unlike the walk-behind mower, the EA153V is a self-propelled mower that doesn't let you put in extra effort when you mow your grass. Its 21" cutting width reduces the amount of time you need to spend mowing your lawn, and its adjustable cutting height ( 1.1" - 3.5" ) gives you the freedom to decide how tall you want your grass to be. Additionally, you can choose to either side discharge mulched grass to work as fertilizer or collect it using the 16 Gallon grass catcher that is provided.


Since the EA153V lawn mower is battery-powered, there is no need to worry about tangled wiring or inaccessible areas due to a short chord. Speaking of batteries, a 120V lithium-ion battery (available in 2Ah and 3Ah and sold separately or included when you buy it as a kit) allows it to run for up to 32 or 38 minutes on a single charge, giving you extra time to mow your grass. Additionally, this cordless lawnmower is covered by a 2-year limited lifetime warranty that can be extended by registering online.


So what's stopping you from getting this lawnmower? Order your Redback EA153V S/P now!

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