Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter is a challenging season for lawn care. With colder temperatures, keeping your lawn looking its best can be hard. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take throughout the winter months to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and vibrant.

Image of a robot lawn mower.

This guide will provide some key tips to help you maintain a beautiful lawn during the winter season. With the proper steps, you can keep your lawn looking great all winter long!

Clean It Up

Before winter sets in, clean up any debris or leaves accumulated on your lawn. Remove all sticks, rocks, toys, and other items on the grass as part of your winter lawn care. It will help keep the grass healthy by preventing smothered areas and pest infestations. Once the first snowfall hits, it will be too late! So make sure to take care of this task before winter sets in.


A key part of winter lawn care is to apply fertilizer. Applying fertilizer in the winter will help your grass stay healthy and strong as it prepares for the spring season. When applying fertilizer, be sure to use a spreader and follow the instructions on the fertilizer package. Be careful to apply only a little, as this can burn your grass. Taking the time to fertilize your lawn during the winter can significantly impact its health in the following months.

Adjust Mow Height

Extremely long grass can cause disease, smother itself, and is at risk of damage from freezing and thawing conditions. It is ideal to have frequent mowing with the mowing height adjusted for lawn care. A robot mower can do this job for you, or you can do it the old fashioned way with a push lawnmower. You just have to schedule the mow, adjust the cutting height, and more in just a few taps on the app. However, do not set the cutting height too low as it might scalp the grass, exposing the crown to extreme conditions.


Your grass needs some extra air for grassroots, and aerating can help them. To aerate, take out spikes of soil across the lawn to make holes for planting seeds using a spade. If you have a big lawn, it is recommended that you use a motorized aerator or a manual one.

These are just a few tips to help you maintain your lawn throughout winter. These steps will help keep your lawn healthy and vibrant all winter!

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