Yard Preparation for Spring with Redback Tools

Getting your yard ready for spring can be daunting work, but with the right tools, it doesn't have to be. Redback Tools offers a range of quality products that make yard work easier so you can get more done faster. Whether you're a professional or just starting yard work, Redback Tools will help you finish the job.

Here are some of Redback Tools' must-have products for getting your yard ready for spring:


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MowRo Robot Lawn Mower

Winter can be rough on your lawn, leaving tufts of grass and patches of dead spots. The MowRo robot lawn mower from Redback tools makes it easy to quickly get your yard to look neat again. Set up a perimeter wire and let MowRo do the work. Then, you can enjoy those sunny spring days without worrying about getting the correct grass coverage.

Redback Leaf Blower

Easily clear away leaves and debris in your yard from the winter with the Redback leaf blower. This powerful tool will have your yard ready for spring in no time! The lightweight design and ergonomic handle are an edge as it gives. Lightweight and powerful, this leaf blower will make cleaning easy. You can also customize airflow on the speed settings to easily tackle the toughest leaf piles.

Redback Hedge Trimmer

Keep your hedges looking neat with the Redback hedge trimmer. This powerful, cordless trimmer is designed to make quick work of any hedge trimming job while giving you precise control over the results. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and efficiency, this trimmer is perfect for getting your yard looking its best.

Redback Auger

After winter, you may need to aerate or dig holes for planting trees and shrubs. For this job, the Redback auger is just what you need. Digging holes for plants and other garden tasks can be time-consuming, but you finish it quickly with the Redback Auger. This powerful auger can quickly and easily create deep, clean holes in any soil to complete your planting projects faster.

Redback String Trimmer

Keep your lawn looking neat with the Redback cordless string trimmer. This lightweight trimmer will make it easy for anyone to trim their lawn quickly and easily. With long-lasting battery life and adjustable speed settings, you can easily customize the trimmer's power to tackle any yard work job.

With Redback Tools' quality products, getting your yard ready for spring has never been easier. Save time and energy while still achieving professional-looking results with Redback Tools.

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