120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series

120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series
120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series

120V Cordless Lawn Mower, 20" - Pro Series

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  • How much grass can the grass catcher store?

    This lawnmower has a grass catcher with a capacity of 15.85 gallons.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Brenda Montgomery

Love the lawn mower, but can’t find a battery. Any idea where I can get one?

michael c.

Any thing made by redneck is of poor quality.


Have 4 redback batteries, after a handful on uses, 2 batteries won't take a charge, and on a third the battery indicator is broken. I called Redback many times, emailed many times, can get ahold of anyone on phone, no response from emailUpdateOne year later never heard back from them and 4 batteries have died unless defective product. Lawnmower doesn't work. The trimmer broker and hedger broke too within a month all without a response.

K. Duke

I purchased this mower from another site, do to it being on sale at a fantastic price.I've now owned it for most of the 2019 cutting season, and, I'll say, its done good. There are pros and cons to it though.1) The mower itself is solid, and runs. However, the one I have once entering HI speed mode, never returns to normal cutting unless I stop the mower, pull the battery, and re-insert it, and then re-start the mower.2) The batteries are very finicky. If they get to the point to the mower stops, and beeps, best to charge right then, and stop mowing. Otherwise the battery is DONE. Meaning, it WILL NOT RECHARGE!3) Needing a new blade for the mower? I have looked all over the internet for one, and one can not be found. I've even tried reaching out to Redback, and going to their website. Not for sale, and no one has contacted me from the company. I like to keep a spare on hand, just in case I run over something that damages the blade.4) Confusing information, and no information on the discharge plug. One site says, it MUST BE INSTALLED while mulching. But, must be removed for both side discharge and bagging. Now, I understand the bagging, but side discharge? I did remove it, and grass clippings went all over the mower and out the back flap sides. There is NO information in the manual about which to use or how.5) Starting the mower is easy, putting it together is OK too.. However the handle and where to put some plastic items is no where to be found. You'll just have to guess, if you're doing it right or not.6) Quality control is lacking. The company has sent me replacements for another Redback item I've bought. However, after 3 failed attempts to send a working unit. I gave up trying to get another. They did refund my money though.The product was a blower. First one worked for all of 10 minutes. Sent it back, 2nd arrived as a Chainsaw, the battery I got with the chainsaw never would charge. Wrote a note to Redback, took pictures and all of that. They sent a 3rd. Motor was locked up on the blower. I got a refund, and was told to keep the chainsaw for their mistake.Other stuff..Cutting is fine, as long as you don't allow the grass to get to high. You will get a good 30 mins of battery life, if the deck is set at 3 or 4, and the grass is not tall and MUST BE DRY! Cutting wet grass will doom this mower. Battery will go from 30+ minutes to around 15. If you bag, you'll get less. Mulch? 10 minutes.If the grass is dry, thin, and normal height, then bagging and mulching will get your around 20+ minutes per charge.I wish the back wheels were a bit bigger. I'm in Florida, and deal with sand, so, these wheels are not the best.If spare parts were more available, at local stores, or even here on Amazon, this product would be a better choice.


The Good: this lawn mower is a great value for the money. Solid and well but. I’m not sure how redback does it.The bad: The battery only lasts about 35 minutes. I could only cut about half my lawn; however, that’s not the bad (when mowing with a battery it’s kind of given the battery won’t last as promised). The bad is that when I went online to price out a spare battery, the battery costs as much as the lawn mower. (If you don’t believe me, do a google search). When you get a battery with the machine, it makes me wonder what the mark up is on the batteries when you buy separatelyBottom line: if you have a yard small enough where you can get by with one battery (single charge). This is the mower for you... if not, I would suggest looking for a different mover.

Spend less time and energy in your yard, and let your mower do the hard job!


Unlike the walk-behind mower, the EA153V is a self-propelled mower that doesn't let you put in extra effort when you mow your grass. Its 21" cutting width reduces the amount of time you need to spend mowing your lawn, and its adjustable cutting height ( 1.1" - 3.5" ) gives you the freedom to decide how tall you want your grass to be. Additionally, you can choose to either side discharge mulched grass to work as fertilizer or collect it using the 16 Gallon grass catcher that is provided.


Since the EA153V lawn mower is battery-powered, there is no need to worry about tangled wiring or inaccessible areas due to a short chord. Speaking of batteries, a 120V lithium-ion battery (available in 2Ah and 3Ah and sold separately or included when you buy it as a kit) allows it to run for up to 32 or 38 minutes on a single charge, giving you extra time to mow your grass. Additionally, this cordless lawnmower is covered by a 2-year limited lifetime warranty that can be extended by registering online.


So what's stopping you from getting this lawnmower? Order your Redback EA153V S/P now!

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