What is an Ice Fishing Auger?

Winter is finally here, meaning ice fishing season is in full swing! What is an ice fishing auger? Is a common question. In short, an ice auger is a tool they use to drill holes through the ice--making it possible to fish in frozen lakes and ponds. It consists of a long, cylindrical drill bit attached to a power source, typically an electric motor.

Using an ice auger is relatively simple. First, the ice fisherman must determine where they want to drill their hole. Once they find a suitable spot, they will use the ice auger to drill through it. The auger works by spinning its drill bit at high speed, which quickly eats through the ice.

Photo of motor and manual ice augers.

After drilling the hole, the ice fisherman can lower their fishing line into the water and wait for a bite. Ice fishing can be a very rewarding experience if you have the right equipment. An ice auger is an essential gear for any ice fisherman, making drilling through the ice quick and easy.

They come in various sizes and designs, but they all serve the same basic purpose. The size of the auger will determine how large of a hole it can drill, and the design will determine how easy it is to use.

Types Of Ice Augers

There are two main types of ice augers - manual and power. Manual ice augers are operated by hand, while battery, gas, or electricity power ice augers.

  1. A hand ice auger is the most basic type and is less expensive. It consists of a handle affixed to a screw and requires no external power source. It can be more difficult to use, especially in the depths of winter when the ice covering a lake can be several feet thick. A hand auger, however, is far lighter and more portable than a motorized ice fishing auger.
  2. Power ice augers are more expensive but are much easier to use, making them a good choice for beginners. They can easily and quickly cut clean holes, allowing the fishermen to cut more holes. However, they can be heavier than hand augers and more challenging to transport.

When choosing an ice auger, you must consider the type of ice fishing you will do. A battery-powered ice auger may be the best choice, for it will muscle through ice hole after hole.

No matter what type of ice auger you choose, choose one that will make your ice fishing experience more enjoyable.

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