What Does an Earth Auger Do?

An earth auger is a type of tool for drilling into the ground. It consists of a steel auger on a powerhead, which is then connected to a handle and engine. Earth augers are for construction, landscaping, and agricultural applications. They come in sizes appropriate for different soil types and depths of drilling. With the right auger, you can tackle any project or job that requires digging into the ground.

A photo of Redback Earth Auger.

Use an Auger to Plant Bulbs & Vegetables

Garden augers are an essential tool for spring planting. They make it easy to dig holes to the exact depth and width needed for bulbs, annuals, and vegetables. Set the auger at the desired depth and start drilling - you’ll have perfect holes in no time.

Install Deck Footings & Fences

It is also great for installing deck footings or fence posts. You can quickly and easily dig a straight, deep hole that is the perfect size for these posts. It will save you time and energy compared to digging with a shovel or post-hole digger.

Locate PLumbing Pipe

An earth auger is equipped with a spiraled steel cutting head designed to break up the ground and locate the plumbing pipe. It is an invaluable tool for homeowners who want to save time when there is a clog in their plumbing pipes.

Create Irrigation Trenches

Augers help create irrigation trenches for sprinkler systems or in-ground planting beds. They come in different sizes, allowing you to dig narrow, deep channels through which water can flow easily.

Make Potting Mix

You can also mix large batches of potting soil with earth augers. It is handy for gardeners who want to create their own fertile mixture of soil, compost, and other amendments.

Earth augers are an incredibly versatile tool that you can use for a wide range of tasks. They are worth considering if you need to finish tough jobs quickly and efficiently.

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