Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw Care And Maintenance

When you need a chainsaw that does it all, turn to the Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw. This powerful chainsaw is designed with an 18" long bar and a chain speed of 2000 RPM, making cutting through large logs and trees faster than ever before. It's lightweight, too - weighing only 11 lbs. without its battery. With the proper care, this Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw is the perfect tool for efficient and powerful cutting.

Photo of the Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw.

Proper care and maintenance are important so you can enjoy your Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw to its fullest potential. Here's a guide on how to properly maintain your Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw for optimal performance:

  • Remove its battery before performing any maintenance on your cordless chainsaw and storing it.
  • Store it in a dry, dust-free, and frost-free place, ideally at 50° - 77°F (10-25 °C).
  • Ensure all screws are securely tightened before use, and check them periodically for any signs of wear.
  • Keep the unit, particularly its plastic components, away from brake fluids, petrol, penetrating oil, etc.

Cleaning Instruction

Use a hand brush when cleaning the cordless chainsaw. Avoid using water or liquid detergent, as they can damage the unit. Instead, use a dry hand brush to gently remove dust or debris gathered on the surface of the unit. It will help keep the unit in good condition and ensure its longevity.

Chainsaw Battery Tool Care

  • To avoid the fire risk, only use the charger specified by the manufacturer for your cordless chainsaw. Using a charger that is meant for a different type of battery pack may be dangerous.
  • Always use your cordless chainsaw with the battery packs that are specifically designated for it.
  • Ensure you keep the battery pack away from metal objects such as keys, coins, nails, screws, or paper clips that may connect the terminals. It is vital when the battery pack is not in use as it may cause fire.
  • Contact with battery liquid can cause burns or irritation. Avoid contact and flush with water if it does come in contact. Seek medical attention immediately if it gets into your eyes.
  • Using batteries with damaged cases is not recommended. Always dispose of batteries properly, and avoid throwing them in the household waste.

Chain Lubrication

Before and during chainsaw operation, ensure that there is always enough chain oil. You can check the oil by using the oil level indicator. If the oil level is low, add more chain oil to the reservoir. Inadequate lubrication can lead to a shorter service life of your cordless chainsaw and require more effort when cutting, so always operate the unit with adequate chain lubricating oil.

To check if the chainsaw has enough lubrication, start the cordless chainsaw and hold the running saw chain 6 inches above a surface, such as a sheet of paper or cardboard. A light trail of oil should be visible on the surface if there is adequate chain lubrication. It will confirm that the oil is in line with the chainsaw.

Caring for your Redback Pro 120V Cordless Chainsaw is essential to keep your tool in peak condition. If you want more detailed instructions, refer to the manual provided or download it here.

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