Lawn Care Tips for Summer

As the temperature rises, your thoughts may turn to all the fun summer activities you can enjoy in your backyard. Whether you're hosting a cookout, throwing a pool party, or enjoying quality time with your family, having a green, lush lawn is the perfect way to set the scene. Applying the right lawn care tips for summer enjoyment will bring you and your family to cloud 9.

But keeping your lawn looking its best all season long takes work. From mowing and watering to fertilizing and pest control, there are a lot of lawn care tasks to stay on top of. To help you out, we've put together this handy guide of lawn care tips that will keep your lawn looking radiant all summer long.

Here are some important lawn care tips:


How often you need to mow depends on the grass you have and the season. For most lawns, mowing once a week should be sufficient. But during the summer months, you may need to mow more frequently to keep your property looking its best. Opt for a robot mower that will do the job for you while you do other things. You can set it up with the press of a button. If you like doing it the old-fashioned way, check out these quiet battery lawnmowers and string trimmers.

Be sure to adjust the height of the mower blade so you don't cut your grass too short. It can damage the roots and make your lawn more susceptible to weeds and pests.


One of the most vital lawn care tips is to water deeply but infrequently. This encourages deep root growth, which is key to a healthy lawn. Water early in the morning so the lawn can dry before nightfall. Avoid watering in the evening, as this can promote fungal growth.


Fertilizing your lawn is vital to keep it green and healthy. The best time to fertilize is in the fall, but you can also fertilize in the spring. Be sure to use a fertilizer that's specifically designed for lawns.

Improve Drainage

Poor drainage may be to blame if your lawn is prone to puddles or large puddles after a rainstorm. You can add some topsoil to low-lying areas and reseed bare patches to improve drainage. You also need to aerate your lawn to help water and nutrients penetrate the soil more effectively as part of the lawn care process.

Weed Control

Weeds can easily take over a lawn if they're not controlled. Be sure to pull up any weeds by the root, so they don't come back. You can also use a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from taking hold in the first place.

Now that you know how to maintain green grass during summer, you'll have a beautiful lawn. It's the perfect backdrop for all your summer fun.

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