Environmental Benefits of Cordless String Trimmers

Many homeowners are now focusing on doing yard work without negatively affecting the earth. Because of the environmental benefits of cordless string trimmers, they are an excellent option for reducing your carbon footprint (without sacrificing power or performance). Unlike gas-powered trimmers, cordless trimmers do not emit harmful emissions into the air. A gas-powered trimmer can pollute as much in one hour as driving an automobile for more than 20 miles. Gasoline-powered landscape equipment like mowers, trimmers, blowers, and chainsaws contribute to more than 5 percent of our urban air pollution.

Clean Air

Battery-powered string trimmers does not generate carbon dioxide or other emissions associated with gas. And aside from environmental benefits, they also have a lot to offer. Choosing this environmental-friendly option is not sacrificing performance. Also, there’s no need to wrestle with a stubborn pull-start cord.

Quiet Operation

Noise pollution is also something that should not be taken lightly. The noise level of gas-powered trimmers can be disruptive not only for residents in the surrounding area but also for the wildlife built within the area. Cordless string trimmers are typically much quieter, which means no noise pollution. You can use them without disturbing anyone around your property and the one operating the machinery.

Safe Soil

Lastly, using a battery-powered string trimmer will not pollute the ground. Aside from the fumes, a gas-powered engine contains harmful or potentially harmful chemicals, such as benzene, a carcinogen. A spill on the concrete surface could lead to groundwater and soil contamination, posing a threat to both humans and wildlife.

Yes! Cordless string trimmers offer several environmental benefits over gas-powered models. So if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option, cordless string trimmers are worth considering. If you can achieve the same results from a trimmer that will benefit the environment, it’s worth the investment.

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