Earth Auger Care and Maintenance

Earth augers are power tools for drilling holes in the ground. They can be used for various applications, from planting fence posts to drilling water wells. But if you want your earth auger to stay in good condition and perform well, it needs regular care and maintenance.

An infographic of how to take care of your earth auger.

This guide will help you know how to inspect your earth auger and identify potential problems before they become serious. With proper care and maintenance, your auger will last long and work efficiently when in use.


Check the drill blades/bit of your earth auger before every use. Make sure they are not bent and are firmly fastened to the shafts. You can repair bent blades but broken ones must be re-welded or replaced. If the damage is too severe, you might have to purchase new blades for your earth auger.


The earth auger must be correctly attached to the drill for safety and performance. If there is any wear or rounding on the hex drive, you need to replace it. A hex drive with round corners means improper use and might lead to a loose fit with the drill chuck. Make sure to use the correct-sized chuck when attaching your auger. Follow your drill's tightening instructions for maximum performance and safety.

Clean & Store

Thorough cleaning will preserve your auger's coatings and improve performance. Remove dirt and debris, and soak your auger in hot soapy water after each use to prevent unnecessary wear. This will help remove any residue damaging the auger's coating over time. Be sure to thoroughly dry it before storing it in a cool, dry place โ€” like a garden shed or garage.


Rust and corrosion can damage your auger's coating, so it's important to lubricate the auger once a month. If you don't have special tools for augers, use a light oil that will evaporate slowly. Apply the oil on all moving parts and wipe any excess with a clean cloth.


Earth augers dull over time, which can lead to them being inefficient and difficult to use. To keep your auger performing at its best, you should sharpen the blades regularly. You can either do this using a sharpening stone or take it to a professional specializing in auger repair and maintenance.

Proper care and maintenance of your auger are essential if you want it to work efficiently and last longer. Do not modify the tool or use it in a way that the manufacturer does not recommend. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear, leading to premature auger failure. By following these simple auger maintenance tips, you can ensure your auger works properly every time you use it.

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