MowRo 28V Robot Lawn Mower, 9.5" Cutting Width - Fully Autonomous. (1/4 Acre)





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About the RM-24

To keep your garden in good shape takes a lot of effort, time, and even money. Have you ever considered investing in a robot lawnmower? Why not try the MowRo RM24 instead of paying for a professional landscaping service? MowRo is known for making top-of-the-range garden tools to help you save more time on your days off and money as well.

This robot lawnmower allows you to create a mowing schedule at any time of the day according to your preference. Also, this lawnmower is programmed to mow your lawn every 48 hours. Keeping that freshly-cut look that is so nice to see all the time. You can even use this robot lawnmower if you have lots of hills or slopes in your yard. While other mowers can handle slopes of up to 20-degrees, this MowRo RM24 has an impressive slope rating of up to 30-degrees. Plus, it gives you more choices to make your yard look better, as it allows you to adjust the cutting height from 1" to 2.5". It also utilizes three cutting blades with a cutting width of 9.5" to increase efficiency.

In addition to the mentioned features above, the MowRo RM24 robot lawnmower has an operational decibel range of up to 65dB for a quieter operation. It also utilizes a 28V lithium-ion 3Ah/4Ah battery that removes the need for extra money to be spent on fuel and oil. This mower has a rain sensor to avoid mowing during harsh weather conditions that tells the mower to re-dock and recharge until the lawn is dry enough to mow again.

MowRo assures you that you have access to these high-end garden tools at the price you deserve. Also, they are offering a 1-year warranty for this mower that is upgradeable to 2 years of coverage after registration on!

** The RM24 comes complete with 300ft of boundary wire. Please measure (Step off) the outside perimeter of your lawn. If more wire is needed please make sure you order enough perimeter/boundary wire to complete the setup process.