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MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished

MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished
MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished
MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished
MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished
MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished
MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished
MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished

MowRo RM24-SMRT w-Install Kit - Refurbished

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  • How long is the charging cord of this Mower?

    The charging cord of this lawnmower has a length of 25-ft (300").

  • Does this mower still work while raining?

    No, this lawnmower will automatically return to the docking station if it rains heavily. It will automatically start mowing the next day (following the time you have originally scheduled).

  • are there any anti-theft protections?

    Yes, this lawnmower has a customizable pin entered during set up that is unique to each user. Users cannot set, run, or adjust the settings without knowing that pin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Paul Mailloux

This is a pretty amazing mower if you have all the right conditions. It won't really work in super plush St Augustine. You have to shave it with a regular lawn mower first (I used a electric Ryobi mower). It will then make it the whole way without getting stuck. Get twice as many stakes as you think you'll need for your border wire, every couple of feet. 3 & 4 point turns take a lot of extra stakes. I ran about 400' of border wire, backyard only. It's doing a great job running twice a week. It all takes a little fine tuning to make it work perfect, but well worth it when you get it right. Good luck if you need to contact tech support. Their solution to everything is for you to shoot a video and do a zoom call...whatever. You're pretty much on your own but they do try.


1) very often lift sensor is false positive2) it may come to the base unintentionally and get stuck.3) once it has an error, the only way to recover is to reset and manually bring it to the base. I have allergies and that is not a good solution. I should be able to reset via my cell phone and tell it to go to the base.4) it mows some places alot and some place not at all.5) it is not worth the money I paid for it.6) it does not cut the grass fine enough to be mulch.7) it is a big problem to use it for the front yard.8) it is only a single speed.9) bad man machine interface.10) if the power is lost in the base for a short time, it will stop and give an error that the boundary is broken. Again, you have to manually return it to base.In short, do not buy this product.

Amazing Amazonian

This product arrived in dirty, used condition and did not function as well as others I have seen in person. This item takes a substantial amount of time to figure out the landscape and then actually cut the grass which it does a terrible job of. I would not recommend this, check the market for other, better products for your money!


I found out the the boundry wire can get cut by various means, the mower itself, weed eating, and some just unexplained reasons. So I suggest you invest in a line tracer to help find the break. I finally found this one which has worked for me in finding a break quickly and easily. KOLSOL Underground Wire Locator, Cable Tester F02 Pro with Rechargeable 1100mAh Battery for Locate Wires and Control Wires Cables Pet Fence Wires

Richard Craddock

The initial setup takes time but is well worth it. Such a time saver in the end! It’s super quiet so we schedule ours to run at night. We do have to stay on top of dog waste pretty well, but I love not having to dump huge bags of grass clippings in the trash can.

Refurbished MowRo's may have minor grass stains, cosmetic defects, or box damage. They have been indinvidually tested, certified, restored, and programmed. Any part of the installation kit may or may not also be refurbished including the docking station, boundary wire, and boundary stakes.


The RM24-SMRT is an app-enabled robot lawnmower designed with the tech-savvy user in mind. This mower is the upgraded design of the increasingly popular MowRo RM24. This newer version of the existing RM24 carries the same features as RM24 with the convenience of app-enabled programming. It cuts 9.5" wide swath at each pass, and offers a variable cutting height range of 1 to 2.5". Three (3) razor-sharp cutting blades spin at a rate of 2900 RPMs efficiently turning the cut grass into a nutritional mulch. In addition, it can cover 0.25-acre of lawn at a pace of 1.55 feet per second. And is capable of moving up a 30 degrees incline.


This fully autonomous robot mower boasts the ability to be operated through the mobile application ROBOT 2 MOW, which can be downloaded from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. With this convenient app, you can pair just about any phone to your robot mower for wireless operation.


The robot mower includes a kit upon purchase, consisting of a 4.0A lithium-ion battery, a docking station, an AC adapter, docking station ground screws, perimeter line pegs, perimeter wire, wire clamps, wire splicers, and replacement blades with extra screws.


MowRo robot lawnmowers deliver an unparalleled advantage by providing optimal mowing performance without having to get your hands dirty. High-quality components provide lasting durability for extended periods and operations. A 1-year warranty on the battery and 2-year warranty on the machine cover defects in materials, parts, or quality, assuring high operational availability.


Hit that "Add to Cart" button now to get your very own RM24-SMRT and take your Saturdays back! 

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