Swift introduces their very own take on vacuum/blower - the Swift EBV480D. This versatile vacuum/blower has three different functions that help you effectively and efficiently at work. It is capable of blowing (128MPH), vacuuming (112 MPH), and mulching (40:1) thanks to its powerful engine that maximizes the EBV480D2 proficiency. And shifting to any of these functions is as effortless as switching on a light. Thanks to the trigger, which is placed conveniently near the user for easy access. Plus, a handle that eases operation is installed to help you securely and comfortably control the EBV480D2 vacuum/blower smoothly.


Swift offers highly innovative products that make your lawn maintenance a breeze. They always aim to achieve customer satisfaction and delight by providing high-quality products. Experience Swift's superior-performing products like this EBV480D2 vacuum blower at a reasonable price!

Swift 40V Cordless Leaf Blower & Vacuum - Swift Series

SKU: 869513 - EBV480D UPC: 6970601802096