Complete your Swift tools collection with the EBC05 battery charger. Swift's quick-charging charger has a charging rate of 0.5 Amps that fully charges your battery in just 4 hours. It is designed to be compact and lightweight, saving you a lot of storage space. Plus, its low voltage charging feature not only protects your 40-volt Swift batteries while charging, but also works wonders as it helps revive your stale Swift batteries. 


Swift offers highly innovative products that make your lawn maintenance a breeze. They always aim to achieve customer satisfaction and delight by providing high-quality products. Efficiently charge your Swift batteries on your very own Swift EBC05 fast-charging charger at a reasonable price!

Swift 40V Battery Charger - EBC05

SKU: 867411 - EBC05
    • Charging current: 0.5 Amperes
    • Compatibility: Charges all 40V Swift battery
    • Voltage: 40V
    • Safety feature: Low voltage protection
    • Design: lightweight and compact design
    • Warranty: 1 year