If you're looking for a simple and inexpensive shelter for your RM24 robot lawnmower then the MowRo RM24-SHED is your best choice. Its sleek black design complements the mower's futuristic look yet remains inconspicuous and practical. Simply attach this weather shed to the mower's docking station, and you can rest easy knowing your robot mower is more protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun and torrential downpours that often arrive unexpectedly. During its non-mowing schedule, your lawnmower can safely charge its battery and rest under this shed after it has completed its assigned mowing task. 


MowRo leads the way towards a healthier and more lively landscape by offering creative and sophisticated solutions for both private and professionals in the world of landscaping maintenance. Get yours now!

MowRo Weather Shed for RM24 Docking Station - RM24-SHED

SKU: 820205