Automate your mowing experience and jump ahead to the future of lawn maintenance with the RM18 robot lawnmower. This robot lawnmower automatically mows the lawn for you. It features a mow scheduling system, which lets you set the time and area to be trimmed. This nifty feature also helps you spend more time on other more important activities like unfinished projects and added family and friend time. Aside from that, it is battery-operated, meaning no more exhaust, fumes, or harmful greenhouse gases to deal with, which means this mower is environmentally friendly and eliminates fuel costs.


The compact size of this RM18 eliminates the need for added space during storage as well. It is less cumbersome than the standard lawnmowers currently found on the market. Powering this life-changing robot mower is a 20V 3Ah lithium-ion battery paired with a highly efficient brushless motor. Together, it offers added efficiency and extended run times. Furthermore, it has three (3) razor-sharp cutting blades installed in a 7" wide cutting disc that revolves at an impressive 2900 RPM to deliver unparalleled performance. The height of these blades can be adjusted from 0.8 "-2.4", giving the ability to customize the look of the lawn to the homeowner's preferences. 


With a sound level as low as 65dB, the quiet operation of the compact-size mower is lower than that of any conventional gas-powered lawnmower, making it ideal for close-knitted residential areas. It also comes with an easy-to-use user interface that saves you time and reduces the mental workload of figuring out complicated buttons and functions. Moreover, this sturdy robot lawnmower also comes with a rain sensor that detects heavy rain. Once the water is detected, it automatically returns to the charging dock, where it will wait and then continue its mowing duties once the rain has stopped. 


The RM18 is integrated with an auto-stop safety system that will automatically stop the blades from spinning if it is aver lifted up or tipped over. Another excellent feature is the safe backup bumper that reroutes the mower in a more favorable direction so it can continue mowing if it bumps into objects like trees, curbing, or even kids playing around. In addition, it can even traverse 20-degree slopes for dealing with landscaped areas with elevation changes. 


MowRo robot lawnmowers deliver an unparalleled advantage by providing optimal mowing performance without having to get your hands dirty. High-quality components provide lasting durability for extended periods and operation. A 1-year warranty on the battery and 2-year warranty on the machine covers defects in materials, parts, or quality, assuring high operational availability.

So why wait? Get yours today and be ahead of the curve!

MowRo 20V Robot Lawn Mower w/ Install Kit - RM18

SKU: 870451