The MowRo RM-BLADE12 is a kit that includes blades and screws designed to replace worn or damaged blades of MowRo robot lawnmowers. Getting this kit means you can still get ready when you start to notice that the mower is no longer cutting grass sharply than it was before. Please take note of the proper fastening of the blades using the screws for your protection and the people around you.


MowRo leads the way towards a healthier and more lively landscape by offering creative and sophisticated solutions for both private and professionals in the world of landscaping maintenance. Experience the superior quality of Redback products! Get yours now!

MowRo Blades Replacement Kit and Screws - RM-BLADE12

SKU: 833532
    • Number of Blades: 12 Blades
    • Blade Cutting Width: 7" and 9.5"
    • Warranty: 2-year Warranty