There are occasions when a completely separate area is inaccessible and needs to be mowed. The DOCK-RM18 comes in handy in this situation. It is a genuine dock manufactured and designed for the MowRo RM18 lawnmower. This black docking station includes a charging cord, Base stakes(Srews), and wire clips (T-Clips), allowing you to create an additional charging location for your robot lawnmower to dock and charge.

Please note that you can also purchase the DOCK-RM18X if you only need the docking station without the added cord, wire, and clip. This comes in handy if for some reason your docking station is no longer working due to an accident or malfunction. 


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MowRo Docking Station for RM18 w/ Install Kit - DOCK-RM18

SKU: 870680
    • GENUINE DOCKING STATION: It is an authentic product made by MowRo. Ideal for use with the MowRo RM18 robot lawnmower
    • BLACK-COLORED DOCKING STATION: The black color scheme gives a minimalist and modern look. It can also easily hide stains and dirt, making the color an excellent outdoor dock