The LINE-STAKE-50  kit comes with 50  boundary stakes designed to hold your mower's boundary line in place. This 50-piece stake set will work in tandem with the RM-EXTWIRE100M boundary wire which is required in order for your robot mower to work inside your chosen area.

The included stakes are designed to be placed approximately 3 feet apart as you "draw" the area borders on your lawn effectively establishing a continuous boundary line. They are durable and impact resistant and able to tolerate harsh weather conditions.

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MowRo Boundary Wire Stakes (50 pcs)

SKU: 826678
    • GENUINE REPLACEMENT STAKE: It is an authentic product made by MowRo. Ideal for use with the MowRo RM EXTWIRE100M boundary wire
    • PREMIUM MATERIAL: It is made from high-quality plastic made to withstand extreme temperatures
    • BAG OF FIFTY (50): Extra stake if your old ones get damaged or lost.
    • Material: Plastic
    • Installation Location: Outdoor
    • Type: Replacement